New studio !

It’s finally happening! I have found a place to use as a studio and store my gear! From now on, I will be able to  warmly welcome you to shoot in the best conditions !

Where is it ?

At the Wineloft Factory, close to Zhuanqiao (庄桥)station on  metro line 2. Chunyang road, Nb3. 春阳路3号

Let’s have a look inside…

The Wineloft Factory has a beverage to suit everyone – whether it’s coffee (which they roast themselves) or wine that have been imported from all around the world. If thirst-quenching fruit drinks are more to your taste, Linle Beverage Company also has you covered. And why not browse and get a custom-made shirt with IOrder while you’re there! All these companies live in the same place, offering a friendly and creative atmosphere.

Why did I move out ?

The previous location was my living room. These new conditions will extend my technical possibilities, and be able to personalise your pictures even more!


Come over and have a look for yourself!

Opening hours : Every day, 10am – 8pm