We had a shooting together ? Feel free to share your experience on the site ! Thank you in advance.

If you should use just one word ?
How did you live this experience ?


Natural & Real

I had done several photo-shoot in the past, and I was not always satisfied with the result because of too much editing to the detriment of nature.
Vincent listened to my needs and took pictures of me with different outfits, keeping in a good mood through all the studio session, he is always patient and passionate.
Once received the final pictures I was very happy and touched, I saw myself grown up, grown mature, I love this moment, love those photos…
People say “good photos”, I let you see by yourself, thanks dear Vincent!



Had a great time being a model for Vincent. It was all fun and laugh, with directions for posing and some explanations of the whole set-up. Would 100% recommend! 📸 👍


Annoyingly meticulous

Firstly, Vincent works with you to find out what you want to achieve and he figures out a way to do it. He also has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera so you wouldn’t need to worry about being too shy. Vincent is very professional, meticulous, and efficient.


Vincent is excellent with people

The subject says it all. Good portrait photos come from talking with the subject and getting the right details. Had a good time and it was very easy.

Good work, Vincent


WIC Xmas Party 2018

Vincent done an amazing job capturing the full atmosphere of our party and produced some spectacular pictures for us all to enjoy.
Thank you again Vincent. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Angie Richardson

Something special

You won’t regret choosing VLIMAGE for baby & family photo. It’s been beyond what we’ve all expected. Can’t compare with just normal cutie baby photos. It’s something else. Vincent is definitely FANTASTIC pro… Strongly recommend!!! Try it!

Dasun Kim


I had an urgent need of corporate pictures (24 hours notice), and Vincent quickly supported me to capture, choose and edit right away my portraits.
Just in time! And the quality was beyond my expectations.


Great wedding photographer!

Vincent took pictures of our wedding and we’ve been very happy to see the results. Vincent put everybody at ease and knows how to capture the moment. He has shot very nice portraits of us and all our guests. We’d recommend anyone to hire him for their wedding! Also he tells fantastic jokes but that’s besides the point 🙂


Unforgettable moments, laughs

Unforgettable moments, laughs, directions to do well. Not easy to make group photos. To be disciplined … Congratulations Vincent! Continue, we are with you.


Great moment

It was a pleasure to deal with Vincent, I really had a great moment.
He is very open to the discussion, teaches you some little tricks .
I found someone very Professional and friendly.
I definitely recommend Vincent’s services!

Antoine P.

A nice experience

I usually don’t like being photographed. Vincent managed to create a very relaxed atmosphere and it was really fun and you can see that in the great pictures. You feel Vincent like what he is doing and he is spending his hearts blood for his hobby.
Thanks Vincent

Daniel Olipitz

Vincent was amazing! Our housing

Vincent was amazing! Our housing complex isn’t the easiest to take photos in, but he captured our family in a beautiful way that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much Vincent for giving us amazing photos of our family!

Chris Harmon


It was my first professional shooting. With his passion, Vinc took all the nervousness I had hat the beginning. After a couple of minutes you feel super confident and relaxed. I can just recommend this guy for YOUR next extraordinary experience.



If I should use just one word to describe our photo shoot with Vincent, it would be “professionalism”. Even though we laughed and had fun during the whole time, Vincent was still a professional when giving directions, positioning us, and when setting up each shot. We also loved the editing of the photos and how he captured our love. Thanks Vincent.

Dwight Duckins

Nude shooting – an inside look

I confess I’ve wanted to have a shooting with Vincent since I got to know he was a photographer. The initial idea was to take a couple of portraits in black and white, but we ended up having a nude shooting which was interesting and challenging at the same time.

I’d already had the experience of being a nude model, but this time it was a bit different – the photographer was my friend.

My review will be based on 3 criteria:
1. Professionalism (10/10)
During the shooting Vincent kept giving me tips about the posture and face expression which is very useful for a newbie.

2. Atmosphere (10/10)
Being a nude model is not a piece of cake, for some people it might be difficult to loosen up. That is where a positive climate in the studio becomes a crucial component of a successful shooting. Vincent managed to create a comfortable atmosphere and I let myself go with the flow.

3. Rapidity (10/10)
I received the preview photos the next day after the shooting and the edited ones arrived a week later.

The last but not least, Vincent is open to criticism, so don’t hesitate to tell him your real opinion about the things. Share your ideas and thoughts with your photographer and make this experience unforgettable!

It was a pleasure to work with you! Merci

Irina Albutova

Like a pro

I had a great time with Vincent, ready for any proposal, he guided me as I was not such confident in front of the camera, making the atmosphere really comfortable.

He did such great pictures that I received tones of job offers just after updating my profile with one of his chef d’œuvre !

200% recommanded !!!


Amazing 1 st experience

Amazing 1 st experience , shooting in relax conditions , making model in confidence .
Final result was just amazing .
Was a great moment to make again .

Hulobo ( le taulier)

Unforgettable moment

Vincent made the photo shooting experience very amusing and natural. He always reassure and makes you laugh to get the best of you. You won’t regret it!