unexpected encounter

When we say that eyes are the reflection of the soul, this is really meaningful.

I took a train a few days ago to go to Shanghai, like I have hundreds of times before. My seat was in the middle of two others and wanting to use my computer, I waited for my neighbor on the window side to sit down. Seems that this person does not start from Wuxi, so I moved with my belongings to the window seat.

“We are arriving at Suzhou station”. Some people get off, some other get on. And my neighbor arrives.

– Hello, this is my seat.

– Hello, mine is just right there, do you mind if we trade ?

-Ok, no problem.

-Thank you.

I had a very little doubt, but deep inside I knew it : I took a picture of this guy already. On a street photography session we had performed my friend and fellow photographer, almost two years ago.

Click on pictures to see full size

I was working on my computer, finalizing pictures. Once done, I looked up the pictures from that street photography session. Here we are. I got the portrait of this man on the screen.

Shoulder poke.

– Is that you?

He looks at the screen, and his reaction was interesting to observe. During this instant I could read :

“What ? Hey, but it’s me ! On somebody’s computer that I do not know ! Hum…. wait…”

*Rings a bell

-Vincent ?

-Yes, it’s me !

Finally he remembered me ! That was fun. Then we had a chat about projects, life and so on.

Triggering the calculation of probabilities…

What are the chances that I met this guy on the street two years ago ?

That I took a picture of him ?

That I met him that day, and we were on the same train, same car,

close seats ?!

Above all, in a country like China, populated by a billion and a half of people ?

An unexpected encounter…

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